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San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, BCS 23429

Cabo Strong -September 15th, 2014.


September 15th, 2014. A natural phenomenon barreled straight for the homes of over 100,000 men, women and children. 26,000 of them tourists. The damage was unimaginable.92% of Los Cabos was left without electricity, clean water and many without homes. The wreckage left behind from the 205 km/h wind and flooding rains left our community with an impression that will not soon fade.We lived through the disaster, side by side with our families and our neighbors as we feared the worst. Many were unprepared and the days that followed could be considered worse than the storm its self. As people robbed...

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Hurricane Names for 2019 Season

These are the names for hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean for the 2019 Hurricane season, from 15 May 2019 to 30 November 2019. Pacific Tropical and Subtropical Names for 2019 These storms may impact the Los Cabos regions if and when they form. Alvin, Barbara, Cosme, Dalila, Erick, Flossie, Gil, Henriette, Ivo, Juliette, Kiko, Lorena, Mario, Narda, Octave, Priscilla, Raymond, Sonia, Tico, Velma, Wallis, Xina, York, Zelda Atlantic Tropical and Subtropical Names for 2019 ATLANTIC TROPICAL (AND SUBTROPICAL) STORM NAMES FOR 2019 Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin, Fernand, Gabrielle, Humberto, Imelda, Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo, Melissa, Nestor,...

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