About stormpanel

About our company

Our mission

To meet and exceed all requirements necessary to provide safety and quality to our customers without sacrificing aesthetics or cleanliness. To continue being an engineering innovator and hurricane/tropical storm protection leader. 
By creating hundreds of stable jobs and expanding our reach nationwide, we aim to establish strategic partnerships with other businesses for distribution and installation.
We are committed to fostering the personal growth of our employees through training and experience, while instilling a sense of pride and unity within our team.

Our vision

Vision: To be the leading provider of high-quality aluminum hurricane protection solutions, delivering exceptional service, and creating a safer environment for homes and communities.

Choose Baja Stormpanels for unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge products, and a commitment to safeguarding your home with style and reliability.

Why choose us?

Aesthetic Integration Stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Diverse aluminum

We offers top-tier aluminum products, providing a range of options, including rolling shutters, accordion-style shutters, and custom panels.

Diverse aluminum Stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Aesthetic Integration and
Engineered Anchoring

Our systems can be installed post-construction or designed for pre-construction for integration, ensuring a seamless aesthetic appeal.

Miami-Dade Certification Stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Miami-Dade Certification
and ASSA Membership

Our products meet and exceed Miami-Dade certification standards, undergoing continuous testing.

Precision Customization Stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS


Each product we fabricate is based on custom measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every installation.


Flexible Installation Options and Annual Policies

We offer full installation services. Additionally, our annual policy option ensure regular maintenance, pre-hurricane season installation, and post-season uninstallation.


Creative Solutions for Unique Configurations

Our team excels in creative problem-solving to protect unique configurations and large areas, always prioritizing the safest options for our clients.



We understand the significance of reputation, making customer satisfaction our priority in all aspects of our service.

Unmatched warranty

Unmatched Warranty and Peace of Mind

We stand behind our products with a warranty of 5 years, extending to 7 years with our annual policy. This includes protection against product defects, installation issues, and fabrication defects.

Meet team

Here is a brief glance at Baja Storm Panel in photos showing our team of workers, facilities, training, and parties.

Video Gallery

Take a look at some videos from Baja Stormpanel

Take a look at our promotional videos showing Baja Stormpanel products installed and protecting property. The most recent video show the team working for their First Aid Certification. Do not miss the canon test or the swinging large rock.

First Aid Certification Course

BSP First Aid Certification Baja Stormpanel

Baja Stormpanel Promotional Video

Baja Stormpanel Promotional Video

Baja Stormpanel, Hurricane Protection

Baja Stormpanel, Hurricane Protection

Panel vs. Rock

Panel vs. Rock