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Accordion Shutter Systems

Accordion Shutter Systems are permanently installed
for year round protection.

Accordion hurricane shutters are a popular and effective form of storm protection for homes and businesses in hurricane-prone areas. These shutters are permanently installed, providing year-round defense against storms and extreme weather conditions. They are designed to fold back compactly, resembling a louvered door, and are available in both one and two-piece configurations. This versatility makes them suitable for various architectural openings, including windows, doors, balconies, and large patio areas.


Features of Accordion Shutter Systems

  • Are convenient, and easily closed within minutes offering a convenient solution for homeowners preparing for an impending storm.
  • The shutters typically feature a locking mechanism that can be engaged from both the inside and outside, contributing to increased security and protection against extreme weather events.
  • Constructed from durable aluminum, accordion shutters require regular maintenance for optimal performance. It is advisable to clean and lubricate the shutters annually to ensure smooth operation and longevity.
  • Are considered one of the strongest shutters available.
  • Homeowners appreciate accordion shutters not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appeal, as they can be customized to complement the architectural design of the property.

This combination of practicality, durability, and design flexibility has solidified accordion shutters as a reliable and popular choice for hurricane protection in vulnerable regions.

Manufacturers of Accordion Shutter Systems

  • BERTHA™ Residential Accordion
  • HV™ Accordion

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