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Roll Shutter Systems

Roll Shutter Systems

When seamlessly integrated into a new home, Roll Shutters become virtually invisible. Operated by an electric motor, these shutters not only provide robust storm protection but also act as a deterrent against forced entry and theft when closed.

The versatile system offers manual activation through a convenient crank or remote control, providing flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, these systems can be retrofitted post-construction, available in a range of classic colors including white, beige, brown, and ivory.

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Roll Shutter Systems are available in various sizes

  • 40 mm Roll Shutter
  • 55 mm Roll Shutter
  • 58 mm BERTHA™ End Retention Roll Shutter

Choose the perfect Roll Shutter System to elevate both the security and visual appeal of your property

Roll Shutter Systems Optional Items

  • Motors: top-of-the-line (SIMU / SOMFY) or EMS
  • Motors: crank override or remote for added convenience
  • Home Automation Systems for seamless integration
  • Components available as stand-alone options
  • Spring-loaded system/fingertip control for effortless use
  • Vented slats for improved ventilation
  • Testing/Standards ASTM E330, E1886-1996, TAS 201, 202, 203
  • Approvals Florida Building Code – Non-HVHZ, HVHZ & IBC/IRC
  • Storm bars for increased protection
  • Aluminum Alloy 6063 T-6; Colors available in White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze

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