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Hurricane and Storm Protection Products for Los Cabos

Our hurricane protection products include doors, windows, hand rails, trellis and pergolas, glass enclosures, Accordion Shutter
Systems, BERTHA™ Storm Panels Systems, our own Ph-25 Polycarbonate Panels and more.

Our products

Accordion Shutter System stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Accordion Shutter System

These are permanently installed for year round protection. These shutters fold back compactly similar to a louvered door and are one or two piece shutters.

Ph-25 Poly Carbonate System stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Ph-25 Poly Carbonate System

Ph-25 is our system that is engineered by Baja Stormpanel in Los Cabos for major hurricanes like Odile. It consists of a 1” thick UV resistant translucent polycarbonate panel with an aluminum honeycomb core.

Bertha TM Storm Panels System stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

BERTHA™ Storm Panels System

Removable storm panels are made of a variety of materials. BERTHA™ Storm Panels System is a well known manufacturer. The three main
materials are made of steel, aluminum or clear polycarbonate.

Roll Shutter System stormpanel company Los Cabos BCS

Roll Shutter Systems

When built into a new home roll shutters are virtually invisible and can be closed via electric motor. While in the closed position, they not only provide storm protection, they also protect from forced entry…